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Project Description
Animates sprite sheets packed with a xml format

XML Sprite Sheet Animator currently for use with and limited support for texturepacker format but i will be adding a packer to it soon, so it will be fully functional, as of now, it takes the sprite sheets created with and allows you to view the animations they hold, at a speed of your choice.

Still a few bugs, haven't caught all possible user errors yet.

This project uses ImageBox to display the graphics, get it here

Cyotek ImageBox
Copyright (c) 2010 Cyotek. All Rights Reserved.

Sample Sprite's created by
Emergence Copyright (c) 2011 Emergence

The Msi installer will place the spritesheet samples in the program install directory
under a folder named samples, in xp it choses this directory by default on first run of program, but on windows 7 it does not.

NEED TESTERS !!! I am sure i missed a bug or 90 :)

XML Sheet Animator is provided "AS IS", and may contain bugs and not work as expected.
The author takes no responsibility for anything that may happen by use or misuse of this product.

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